Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Robo-Rooter is my 3lb horizontal spinner robot. It's weapon is a custom 4130 disk spun by a hubmotor at around 6500rpm or 109ish mph. Its frame is water jet cut 1/16" titanium.

You can read more about Robo-Rooter on my instructables post on it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

High Speed video

Over the weekend I, with a couple of friends shot some high speed video of Phoenix flipping Shish-Kabot.

While yes these videos are cool, they reviled a bit of information about Phoenix when it flips and why it doesn't flip very well. The most noticable issue is how much Phoenix tips forward and "kicks out" when it flips. It also shows that the flipper blade bends under the force of the flip. What I need to do to correct the issues with Phoenix tipping too far forward is pretty simple, but involves MOAR STEEL which I don't really have weight for it. I will probably need to make a new frame for Phoenix in order to correct these issues.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Pre BotBlast

Muttley was my first beetleweight bot. It's fairly generic by design and construction, but its use in competition was anything but generic boring wedge. The only "cool thing" is the rear steel bashbar is shock mounted using two 3/8" lag screws and 1" dia lite flites because the usual shock mounting method felt too stiff for a 3lb robot. It fought as part of a 6lb multibot with "Dick Dastardly" which was a beautiful horizontal spinner.

Dick Dastardly and Muttley
Dick Dastardly and Muttley went 0-4 at BotBlast. The biggest problem with Muttley was it tended to get a "wheelectamy" every time it fought a spinner.

I think i fixed that with a piece of 1/16" spring steel

Muttley uses 4 kitbots 1000rpm motors at 3s, 2.25" wheels. Its final weight is about 2lb 15.5oz

Monday, March 12, 2012

Motorama 2012

Phoenix took 3rd in the 30lb Sportsman Class.

YAY instagram picture....

Round 1

Phoenix vs Nyx

(Nyx by KO)

Round 2

Phoenix VS. Alf  (Phoenix by forfit)

Round 3

Phoenix vs Diabolical Machine

(Phoenix by KO)

Round 4

Phoenix vs Enforcer

(Phoenix by KO)

Round 5

Phoenix vs Gigarange

(Phoenix by KO)

Round 6

Phoenix vs LockJaw

(LockJaw by KO)

Motorama was fun, Phoenix went 4-2 and took 3rd.

I also compiled a highlight reel of Phoenix's best fights

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Franklin Cup Event Report

I think the above pictures sum up how it went.

In the Sportsman Class, Phoenix went 3-1 taking 2nd, Shish-Kabot went 2-2 taking 3rd. DoorStop went 2-2 and didn't place in the Hobbyweights.


Round one DoorStop drew a flipper named Jumbonator, yes a flipper. I bolted the hinged wedge attachment on DoorStop and went for it. DoorStop was lost when it got propped up on the wall and left to die. The next round was against Steelheart. Steelheart was made by what I can only assume to be a very large 13-15 year old kid. It had a very similar design to DoorStop and an identical drive train but it lacked the ground scraping hinged wedge that DoorStop had. DoorStop got under Steelheart most of the time the long boring pushing match of a fight went the full three minutes. The judges went for DoorStop. The next fight was a bye or forfeit (I forget) but after that it was Surgical Strike the #1 12lber in the country. It had a large 2 1/4lb spinning blade, but DoorStop had the 3/16" thick steel FuzzyPlow™. After a quick wedge swap DoorStop was ready. The plan was to boxrush Surgical Strike and keep it from spinning up to full speed. Unfortunately the arena decided against that. FuzzyPlow™ kept getting stuck in the arena floor and prevented DoorStop from driving straight. But it got worse, after a couple of fairly light hits from Surgical Strike DoorStop died. I promptly tapped out before Surgical Strike did any serious damage to DoorStop. Closer inspection after the event reveled that the Sabertooth esc died.


 Shish-Kabot drew Phoenix in round one...

I'll let the video explain this one

For this fight Shish-Kabot was driven by my younger brother. I had to win or I'd never hear the end of it from him.

After Phoenix came Enforcer. Last year I introduced the D-Fence. This year I improved it with Rock'em Sock'em robots.

Yes its now a mobile boxing ring

Unfortenatley Enforcer had planned for D-Fence this year and had a large toothed blade that shredded the cables. Then for whatever reason Shish-Kabot's radio glitched giving full power backwards. Shish-Kabot slammed into the wall and was counted out all while Enforcer went to work on the Rock'em Sock'ems.

Up next for Shish was LockJaw. LockJaw is a crusher with something like 2000lbs of crushing force. The fight started out like any other fight and was a good back and forth until LockJaw bit Shish-Kabot and died, while still biting Shish-Kabot. The bots had to be removed from the arena while still attached to each other. A quick thinking builder brought his bot over so we could wire it up to LockJaw to give it electrical power to release Shish-Kabot. Shish-Kabot won the fight "based on the premise that LockJaw died while holding Shish-Kabot".

LockJaw stuck to Shish-Kabot

Shish's 4th and final fight was against MC Hammer, a hammerbot. I couldn't find a picture of it so I'll describe it as Mangi but more UHMWy. The fight was a quick one as MC Hammer was having electrical problems all day and after a few wall slams it died. Shish-Kabot also killed two gearboxes in this fight and the rear wheels were the only ones still working.


As stated above Phoenix's first fight was against Shish-Kabot. It's next fight was against LockJaw. It was a great back and forth fight. Video of the fight

Next was MC Hammer

Things were looking good for Phoenix, it was 3-0 with two KO's. Enforcer was looking to change that, and it did...

Video of the fight

Phoenix lost it's solenoid for the pneumatics about 1/2 way through the fight and  then got stuck under the wall. Enforcer went to town on the titanium armor and created some beautiful sparks. I tapped out after the saw got too close to my expensive speed controller.

I have no clue why I though it was a good idea to bring three bots to the Franklin this year, well besides the fact that I had three working bots. But overall the event was great and fun.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Phoenix is a 30lb flipper robot. It runs a unregulated co2 system (~850psi depending on outside temperature) and generates 2,700lbs of flipping force on a good day. It uses the same drive motors as Shish-Kabot and DoorStop. It's armor is 1/16" titanium and 1/8" chromoly.

Also check out my Instructable about Phoenix

Franklin Cup 2011 3-1 2nd Place
Motorama 2012 4-2 3rd Place

Ranked 2nd in the 30lb Sportsman Weightclass